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What is Açai Berry?

Acai Berry, highly popularized among all berry has been used for generations for its energizing and overall wellness-promoting benefits. It is used in energy drinks and bars by adding its delicious chocolate blueberry like flavor.  It is filled with natural energy promoting properties. Acai berry is rich in antioxidants, helping to rejuvenate your body from free radicals.

Acai Berries: What Are the Benefits?

    Promotes Heart Health

    Aids Weight Loss

    Helps Digestion

    Stops Bad Cell Proliferation

    Promotes Skin Health

    Helps Digestion

    Immune System Booster

    Reduces Irritation

    Improves Cellular Health

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Boosts Energy

   • Encourages a Healthy Libido

   • Improves Mental Function

What does Triple Strength Açaí 3000 mg Supreme do?

Pack of 120 Vegetarian quick-release Acai Berry capsule provides potent nutrition. This tiny Acai Berry is rich in anti-oxidants, anthocyanins and trace minerals like Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Iron etc including rich fiber, fatty acids, vitamins A, C and D. These nutrients beneficial for improving cholesterol level, encourage natural energy, brain functions, support cardiovascular, immune system health and overall health wellness. The best part is Acai berries are very low in Sugar. 

Que 1. Is it safe to take Acai if having a liver disease?

Ans. No. Acai should be avoided in individuals having liver disease.

Que 2. Why is Acai mostly recommended in combination with caffeine?

Ans. Acai, when given in a mixture with caffeine, increases the fat burning capacity in the body and reduces the appetite, thereby helping rapid weight loss.

Que 3. How does Acai help in preventing a heart attack?

Ans. Acai contains certain chemicals (plant sterols) that widen the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. This improves blood flow and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Que 4. Is it safe to drink raw Acai juice?

Ans. Drinking raw Acai juice may increase the risk of a condition known as American trypanosomiasis (a parasitic infection).

Que 5. Can Acai capsules be used to improve digestion?

Ans. Yes. Taking Acai pill one hour earlier meals helps in refining digestion.

Que 6. Is it safe to take Acai Berry while using anti-diabetic medicines?

Ans. No, Acai Berry may interact with anti-diabetic medicines and increase the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Que 7. What is meant by Acai hearts?

Ans. Acai hearts are the soft interior of the trunk of the Acai tree. They are rich in water (90%), carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Que8. Can Acai Berry help me lose weight?

Ans. While Acai Berry isn’t a magic bullet to help you shed dozens of pounds overnight, the fatty acids, fiber, amino acids, and other nutrients can help boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and build muscle. All of these will help in losing weight while helping maintain a nutritious, balanced diet.

Que 9. Does the Acai Berry have any side effects?

Ans. There are no known side effects of Acai. Natives of the Amazon region have made this fruit a major portion of their diet for hundreds of years. Asking if there are any Acai side effects is a little like asking if there are side effects to eating apples.

Que 10. How many kilograms will one lose in one month?

Ans. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 4-5 Kg/month weight loss for a normal person without any medical condition. It is based on the physiological and pathological conditions of individuals; The Acai Berry Boutique can cater to an Acai Berry diet through their supplements exactly and uniquely for your needs.

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